23 - 27 JanuaryJärvsö

Mobile applications have been a huge part of our everyday life, but have you ever wanted to explore and discover how to make your own app?

With a hands on introduction to Android development you will get the opportunity to build and design your own personal mobile application. Together we will learn the process of creating applications where only our creativity can stop us. To boost our energy we will also ski through the winter wonderland in Järvsö and enjoy the beautiful landscape while rushing down the hills.

All women and transgender people of any age, background and previous experience of skiing are welcome to join the adventure! There will be an instructor for all skiing levels for those who would like to have one, but is of course not mandatory. Feel free to race down on your own or rather spend time focusing on Android. The goal is to give you enough tools so you can create your own personal calculator and to do-list application that you can bring back home to show family and friends.

Prerequisites: To get out as much as possible from the workshops it is great if you have basic knowledge in Java or a similar language. If you do not don’t worry, then we suggest you to prepare by going through a tutorial before you arrive to the camp. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet, so choose your favourite one or take a look at Codeacademy or Udemy.

We recommend you to have a basic understanding in object oriented programming (method, object, classes) and data structures, such as lists (arrays) and maps (dictionary).

*If you would like to use the programming language Kotlin to build your mobile apps, that is perfectly fine too!

All you need to know


23 - 27 January (Wednesday - Sunday)


In the beautiful rural town Järvsö (detailed instructions on how to get to the camp will be sent out later).

Who is this camp for? 

We welcome all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts, ladies, cis or trans. Our events are of course also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but because of gender identity does not feel represented among programmers.

What is the price?**

  • Student or unemployed without Skipass: 3500 SEK
  • Student or unemployed with Skipass: 4260 SEK
  • Regular price without Skipass: 5000 SEK 
  • Regular price with Skipass: 5760 SEK

What is included in the ticket price? 

  • Shared accommodation 
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which we will cook together at the house
  • An introduction to Android development
  • Skiing lessons with an instructor
  • And last, but not least, an experience for life!

What is not included? 

  • Travel costs are not included in the price
  • Sheets and towels are not included, so you will have to bring your own
  • Ski rental***

Will everything be in English? 

If we have English speaking participants the course will be in English, but do not worry if you feel your English is a bit rusty. The leaders all speak Swedish and we will all do our best to make everyone feel comfortable and get the most out of the camp no matter which language you are comfortable in.

*With a possibility to arrive on Tuesday evening

**The camp days will be divided into two days of programming and two days of skiing (that will alternate). A ticket with Skipass will include two days with a day between (Wednesday and Friday or Thursday and Saturday)

***We can help you book ski gears that match with the Ski pass


You friends at the camp

Phiphi Tran
Camp Leader & Code Mentor

Phiphi discovered programming at the first Pink Programming camp three and a half years ago and has since then been arranging both summer and winter camps within Pink Programming. She will make sure you get the information and answers you need about the camp and do her best to spread some positive energy that hopefully will put a smile on your face! 

If you have any general questions about the camp contact

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Myky Tran
Code Mentor

Myky has been a part of Pink Programming since 2015 and has since then arranged multiple programming camps and workshops for women. Her dream of changing the world has made her dedicated to encourage more females to code. During the camp she will help and support you as much as you need to reach your goal of creating your own mobile app.

If you have any questions related to Android development you can contact

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Lollo Zackrisson
Alpine instructor

Lollo took part in her first Pink Camp in Vemdalen 2016, after having discovered web coding in her UX design studies at Linnéuniversitetet. Having worked as a ski instructor for several years she came back as such at the camp in Åre a year later, and since she can’t stay away from the mountains she will arrange the skiing part of the camp this winter too.

If you have any questions related to skiing you can contact

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